What to expect

At your first appointment we will discuss the problems you are worried about and how we can work together. Depending on the problem, you may be asked to come to your first appointment without your child. This will help us to talk freely about the problems you and your child may be facing.

During the initial appointment, we will also go through consent and privacy, and admin information. Therapy usually involves a few assessment sessions, a feedback and planning session before any regular therapy sessions if necessary.

Sessions with What About Play may involve:

  • Individual child and parent therapy sessions focusing on specific psychosocial, emotional or mental health concerns
  • Joint parent and child therapy sessions focusing on relationship struggles and strengths
  • Group therapy┬ásessions with other parents and children targeting specific psychosocial, emotional or mental health concerns
  • Developmental/Learning sessions involving assessment, school/professional liaison, and intervention

In developmental sessions, children are provided with assessment and intervention around particular developmental difficulties (play, social skills, behaviour, sensory, fine motor, self-care). Assessment involves standardised tests, written questionnaires, observations, and interview questions. Once assessment is completed, we will discuss how best to proceed including:

  • Individual Therapy sessions
  • Home Programs
  • Formal Reports
  • School Liaison