Please contact me for a list of current fees.

Fees are charged depending on assessment type, length of therapeutic session and on the issues identified as part of your referral. There are additional fees for reports.

Private Healthcare and Medicare rebates may apply, depending on your referral and particular circumstances. For instance, some clients are eligible for Mental Health Treatment Plans (Better Access to Mental Health) or GP Management Plans (Chronic Disease Management).

Please note that fees are to be paid in full on the day of your appointment.

The table below lists current services provided:

Assessment & Intervention around Mental Health and Emotional Issues
Explores children’s emotional, mental health and social functioning with parent involvement

Parent-Child Intervention
Explores parent and child relationship difficulties and ways to help

School Observational Assessment
Involves class teacher liaison and observation of child in their school environment

Comprehensive written report that highlight areas of strengths and concerns with recommendations

Supervision for Professionals

Group Therapy/Parent Workshops
Group sessions are offered periodically with fees paid upfront to secure places. Please see the Groups page for more details.