Understanding Sensory Processing

We all want our children or ourselves to be happy, learn, be successful and be able to adapt to our ever-changing environment. But, this can be challenging.

The “behind the scenes” skills we need to do this are managing our attention, arousal levels and behaviours. To do this we need to understand sensory processing. Our senses give us information about our body and the environment around us. The brain must organise all of these senses if you need to move and learn and behave normally. The brain locates, sorts, and orders sensation – something like a traffic policeman directing moving cars. When sensations flow in a well-organised or integrated manner, the brain can use those sensations to form perceptions, behaviours and learning. When the flow is not organised, life can be like peak hour traffic jam.

To maintain appropriate attention to tasks it is necessary to be able to self-regulate.

Focus of presentation:

  • Anxiety, anger and big emotions can be due to Sensory processing difficulties

  • How we process sensory input affects skills of children and adults

  • How complex it is and understanding the neurosciences background to help with ‘why’

  • What you can do to improve functioning and reduce distress

Baby & Toddler Groups

Catherine Daly and Chris Hodges are available to co-facilitate several parent groups we have developed. Our Baby &Toddler Groups include:

  • Together Time is a six session group for parents and children 0-5 years.The group assists families where parents and young children have difficulty negotiating everyday tasks such as sleep, feeding, comforting, settling, separation, independent play and managing challenging situations e.g. tantrums.
  • Preparing to Meet – Connecting With My Unborn Child is 2 hour workshop for pregnant parents focusing on using (self) reflection to think about the kind of parent you want to be, the kind of relationship you want with your child, and things that may help you in your parenting journey.
  • Becoming Attuned – Connecting With My Newborn is a 2 hour workshop for pregnant parents and parents of 0-3 month olds. The group will cover how parents can develop in their relationship with baby while negotiating the everyday tasks of parenting a newborn and, why it is important to emotional connect with your baby.

The group sessions include use of video clips, experiential exercises and discussion with other parents (and no role plays!).

Please contact for more details.