Funding information

You may be able to access Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates, depending on your referral and particular circumstances. At our practice, the process generally involves full payment of session fees, before we can process your Medicare rebate for you at the clinic. What About Play is accredited to provide services under the following initiatives:


Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH)

Item no’s 80135, 80140, 80145
The Better Access initiative is available to clients with an assessed mental health condition that significantly interferes with their capacity to function cognitively, emotionally or socially. Clients can access a rebate for 10 individual sessions and 10 group therapy sessions per calendar year.

To access this plan you need a letter from your GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist outlining the concerning issue, the number of sessions you are entitled to, and a statement that a Mental Health Treatment/Management Plan is in place.


Chronic Disease Management – Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC)

Item no 10958
Clients with complex needs can access rebates for 5 Occupational Therapy sessions per calendar year. To access this plan you need to complete a referral form with your GP and bring this with you to your appointment.


Helping Children With Autism Program (HCWA)

Item no 82010 – Assessment
Item no 82025 – Treatment
Your Paediatrician or Psychiatrist can refer you to an Occupational Therapist for 4 assessment sessions and 20 treatment sessions (per lifetime) as part of their assessment exploring the possibility of an ASD diagnosis. These sessions can then be rebated through Medicare. You will need a referral letter from your Paediatrician or Psychiatrist.


Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) Funding

Catherine Daly and What About Play is an approved provider for the Helping Children with Autism Early Intervention Initiative. This initiative entitles children under 7 years of age who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (including Pervasive Developmental Delay) to a total of $12,000. To access this funding, children require a diagnosis of ASD from a Paediatrician, Psychiatrist or multidisciplinary team, and are required to register with an Autism Advisor ( prior to their 6th birthday. The Autism Advisor will provide a ‘Letter of Introduction’ that must be brought to your therapy appointment. The Autism Advisor can provide further information around specific entitlement rules.


Private Health

Private health funds include Occupational Therapy services under ‘Extra’s cover’. Your health fund will be able to advise whether your plan covers Occupational Therapy services.