Yearly Archives: 2016

A friend recently gave me a beautiful present which had this quote… Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain (Vivian Greene). It got me thinking about hope. As parents, we provide a sense of hope for our children […]

Finding Hope

I was talking to a group of children recently about games they play at school lunch times. This particular group discussed an elaborately thought out game, with a varying general membership, and with two to three core members who facilitated the group plan. There was a sense of real delight […]

Encouraging Children Socially

Recently, I watched a lovely exchange between two children that seemed somewhat benign on the surface, but really started me thinking about our children’s capacity to think, to feel understood and heard.  This young boy and girl were looking through some photos. As they looked at the pictures together, the […]

Parenting in Tricky Moments

A four year old sits playing with a train. He moves it slowly back and forth. After a while, he looks over to Dad and then looks down at his train. Dad is sitting in a chair, watching his son intently. As Dad watches he says, “What colour is that […]

What about play?

I often hear the following as I speak to people about the work I do: “So, you work with children and families who struggle with emotional and mental health concerns? But aren’t you an Occupational Therapist?” At times, it can be incredibly hard to clearly define Occupational Therapy because of […]

What is Occupational Therapy?